Rules & Policies

All cancellations must be called in the day before your rental.

Here at JUMP MASTERS, we do our best to accommodate all customers in times of unforeseen weather and/or emergency conditions. For this reason, we stay tuned day and night to the local weather conditions in and approaching our area. We ask that all customers do their part and stay informed as to any weather conditions approaching their area. In order for us to better serve all customers, we have developed what we feel is a fair policy for cancellations and rainchecks. Sometimes rain may be occurring in one part of town but not in the other part of town right next to it. For this reason, WE DO NOT CANCEL DUE TO WEATHER unless we feel it would endanger our equipment. Please feel free to give us a call @(706) 755-5100 should you have any questions regarding our policies.

Delivery Times 
Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee delivery at a specific time of day.

Delivery Times 
At Jump Masters, we do our best to accommodate everyone's event. We attempt to deliver our inflatable bouncers and slides as early as possible, and as on time as possible.  The delivery time quoted to you is an approximate time only.  Due to unforeseen events and strenuous delivery schedules, actual delivery time may vary.  Please make sure you give us the time of your 
party, so that we can ensure that your inflatable bouncer is up and ready to go for your party/event In most cases, all inflatables are delivered in the early AM, and picked up in the PM. Same Day.


The customer is responsible for notifying the office BETWEEN 6:00 AM - 8:00 AM OR BEFORE THE DRIVER DELIVERS ON THE DAY OF THEIR RENTAL if they need to cancel the rental. Once the equipment is delivered, the FULL AMOUNT IS DUE regardless of total time used. All decisions to cancel due to weather or any other reason need to be made BEFORE the scheduled delivery time, even if the equipment is delivered early. We ask that the customer be informed of all weather conditions approaching by watching or listening to their local news.


All orders booked require a $25.00 deposit. The deposit will never be refunded for any reason. 
Inflatable bounce houses and water slide rentals are delivered between 7:00 AM and 6:30 PM. Pick up times may vary.
 An all day rental cannot exceed 6 to 8 hours unless other arrangements have been made


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