Is it safe to rent from Jump Masters during this pandemic?

The answer is yes. We make sure to sanitize all of our equipment before and after each event that we do.

Jump Masters takes pride in not just the quality of our service but also our cleanliness. We are living in such a strange time but do not let your worries prevent you from having fun, enjoying life, and celebrating with your loved ones.

In this pandemic, it's okay to celebrate life. It's okay to have gatherings given that we are all being responsible and adhering to safety protocols. It's already so saddening to be living in this kind of situation. Why not dedicate a day to simply just relax and enjoy with your friends and family.

We are still open and we will not close because we feel the responsibility to provide joy to the little ones who are still longing for bonding moments with their friends and family over epic inflatable birthday parties. 

Bounce Houses and inflatables are perfect because you can set them up anywhere. If you have a space in front of your house or a small garden, these will fit. Have some snacks and BBQ while watching the children and kids at heart play. 

Stay positive and hopeful but most of all, live your life.